All classes are  Studio attendance and the same class on Zoom.

There may be changes weekly to the timetable. 

For the Zoom option the link for our Zoom live class will be emailed to you from GYMCATCH. Please check you receive the link on booking. Should you not have an email with the link please email us.  Each class has an individual link and change each week. We look forward to seeing you in our online classes.

Class Descriptions


All our Pilates classes cater for all abilities, this meaning that if you are new to Pilates or a regular we can ensure your session is adapted to your needs.  The class will focus on Power and Strength  working all muscles in your body. Stengthen your core, back, pelvic floor, arms, chest and legs whilst  focusing on breathing, control and alignment to promote positive body posture.

STEP and Abs Workout 

We all love old skool step classes! Come and join our SMART Step class where you will burn approximately 500 calories whilst having fun, increasing your cardio fitness. We end the class with a great abdominal session which means you get a full body workout


Our Circuit class will be a variety of exercises using cardio exercises,  free weights, Kettlebells, and body weight exercises. A fabulous stress relief hour  after a hard day at work. A full body workout which is based on interval training and we cater for all abilities.

OLD SKOOL Aerobics 

OLD SKOOL Aerobics uses all major muscles, increases your cardio fitness and coordination. It is Low impact with the occassional high impact move for progression.  It is a great way to burn approximatley 500 calories per session. We add in some Muscular strength and endurance to sculpt, legs, bottoms, abdominals and backs then end with a lovely stretch. All abilities welcome.


A studio restistance workout using weights, Kettlebells, bands and body weight exercises. A great workout for legs, chest, arms, shoulders, abdominals and back. The class is set in a relaxed enviroment and will increase both muscular strength and endurance. As we are all working out at home all you need is a broom, baked bean cans, water bottles etc to use as weights


Our Hatha Yoga class is taught by Cat and for all abilities. Cat will take you through each pose and adapt to your needs so whether you are a regular Yogi or a beginner you are welcome. You will need to bring you own mat where possible please.