Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) form

and consent form

Please complete the following PARQ form and combined inform consent.

Infomed Consent

I hereby consent that I am healthy and able to participate in any exercise and or physical activity and that I understand that I am participating and undertaking all activities at my own risk. I understand that under no circumstances is SMART Qualifications liable for any incident, accident, health issue that may occur or arise and that I have disclosed all relative information.


You may be required to seek approval by your doctor if you have answered `Yes’ to any of the above questions on the PAR-Q form. We always recommend that you consult with your G.P. prior to commencing any form of exercise regime. I hereby declare that there are no reasons why I may not participate in the physical activity exercises and I understand that I am exercising at my own risk

Completing the combined PARQ and Informed Consent Form:

Completing the form you consent that you are healthy to participate in exercise and you understand that you are exercising at your own risk whist aknowleding the risks  envolved.

8 + 15 =